09:32 by Kaggwa Andrew

      Okay, seem holidays came a bit quick this time. You know with sugar at 8000/-, fuel escalating and the Arab awakening, it’s not good at all [can’t you ask your self why NTV’S “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” went off just after months] staff is tight.
And now that kids are back for a month, you need to plan for them, they need to school even at home [some of them are candidates you know]. To keep in shape academically these boys and girls usually sign up for different Holiday programmes and lf at all you thought Holiday sessions are simply read ups, you are wrong..

Today, you will wonder that when you talk about Holiday studies, a teenage daughter’s face will beam with a few places in mind. These are common places like Bat valley,
Buganda Road
main library and perhaps KCC library. When a daughter smiles to a holiday proposal, no parent should be fooled. She has no crush on education and neither his friends.
 For them this means proggie. The only time she won’t have to sneak out of that hard locked gate. The only time she will freely move with that guy holding hands, tossing sand [like JLO and that actor……….. ehhh] with out any prefect or teacher accusing them of coupling.

Holiday sessions can be fun , with a whole lot of characters, school girls became  hotter overnight and guys lose weight, there trousers can never stay within the waist line they always fall below.

Like many people say, kids are more wannabes in holiday. They show up in the latest vee all ready to tell whoever cares that they go to this and that school. Their gadgets are always spot on (oba where do they get the tons of money?)
Few students really come for holiday sessions with academics on their minds, no wonder their girls are easily destructed (how do you think I got this info?). Though there are also those who actually mean business mbu these are chaps from SMACK, Namugongo, and the likes.
Other holiday makers simply have a lot of time on their hands to talk and brag about things they have never done. They will talk about clubbing and downing staff in colored bottles yet in reality they have never done any of these things in fact they simply wish they could do at least few of those things. Many of them are mummy’s boys thus the only time they hang out is with the family at Watoto church.
Holiday guys can be mesmerizing, can you imagine they even beep, flash each other so that every one in the room gets to know that they have Beyonce running the world as the ring tone?
Holidays are simply one hell of an overly hyped routine. It’s a place where you find rich kids with no clue of good fashion or design is and then, ironically a broke dude trying so hard to create an impression. If you tried following them home you would be shocked. Broke guys bling more than any one else (I hear true hustle).
          Kale these guys are funny, with the way they talk about swag, you will wonder how many can actually spell the damn word (save that they have a news pull out where it was even wrongly spelt) but all in all, holidays, the madness and swag are simply part of education.


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