Iryn dances for the fans

06:51 by Kaggwa Andrew

It was the last Friday of the month and as a norm on Douglas’s TV show, Katogo, a famous musician takes over and presents the programme.
And this this time round, it was none other than diva Iryn Namubiru.
Clad in a long sleeved cream silky and trendy shirt, the songstress arrived in a rather composed mood, on realizing Bebe Cool and Nameless were around, she rushed off to chat them up.
She and Bebe were specifically talking about some tabloid story which alleged that she was a member of some sexual network, even when the actual story seemed shocking, Iryn wasn’t moved a bit.
Even during Bebe’s on screen interview, Iryn kept cheering and dancing to his music.
Over three times, she asked Douglas to help her out in case she fails during the Live show.
“Am so nervous, it’s my first time doing this, even your interview is making me more nervous”, she said.
Her manager was in handy to help her out, he assisted in making the song lists and also advised her to dance while presenting, something she actually took serious.
Even she’s been in the news for her domestic woes, Iryn chose not to dwell her presentation on the matter, in fact, she wholesomely ignored the issue, even when some caller insisted.
“I want to talk to my fans and enjoy with them, I may be nervous but I can’t wait to hear from them”, she said.
Her preparation was intense; no wonder she vowed never to switch places from a music studio for a TV or radio job.
“This thing is hard, you have to prepare and then you talk to all those people you don’t even see, that’s insane”, she jokingly says.
She kept her presentation brief and straight to the point.
“I don’t have such words like that Douglas, am only here to dance to Badilisha”, she joked before cameras started rolling.
She was counting down her top ten songs and as you could expect, most of the songs on her list were by our female musicians.
She kicked it off with one by fellow Fusion Band member, Diana Nalubega’s Kabiite.
“This is the song I usually listen to before rehearsing, she’s such a talented girl and am happy to be working with her”, she said.
Her review of other musicians was somewhat professional and not personal; she easily gave credit where it was due.
Being an industry veteran, Iryn’s song selection was was spread throughout the years, from Bebe Cool’s 2009 hit Bamugambe to Bobi Wine’s 2012 Jennifer.
The surprise however, was her inclusion of Juliana Kanyomozi’s Omutima guluma at number seven, she sang to almost each word of this runaway hit and, her assessment of Juliana as “that beautiful girl who sings and you don’t want her to stop”, sounded sincere.
She actually did acapellas of a number of songs she played like Dr. Hildaman’s Abita ebikutte, Bebe Cool’s Bamugambe and off camera she tried out some Jamaican slang from Young Mulo’s Tebakusobola…. Yes she did.
She later told me of her pending collabo with Dr. Hildaman.
“This is part of my 2013 projects and the public won’t believe the marriage between Dr. Hildaman’s style and my vocals”, she said.
Iryn however caused laughter when she intimated she has no clue of who Konsens is, but was sure Young Mulo is so much like him.
“I’ve heard people praise Konsens, I not met him but when I listen to Young Mulo, I believe he’s Uganda’s Konsens”, she said.
Like she was saving the best for last, Iryn had Jose Chameleon’s dance song Badilisha, Julie Mutesasira’s Muzudde and her musical twin sister Rema, Oliwange in her top four.
Chameleon’s Badilisha truly proved to be something else, Iryn first confessed to training using the video sleek moves and when the video played, everyone from the camera men, Iryn’s manager, producers and me…yes, were doing the Badilisha kick back… is infectious.
She even commented about the various comparisons between her and Bebe Cool’s youngster Rema,
“I think she’s really talented, she’s grown up around great people (Halima Namakula and Bebe cool), I’ve also been told we sing in the same range and I think she’s generally wonderful”, she said before asserting, she’s willing to work with her if there’s a chance.
Unlike Radio and Weasle who courted a lot of controversies last month, Iryn’s show was basically about love; she attacked no one and easily diverted a caller’s statement meant to anger any artiste’s fans.
As we expected, her number one song was her own, she was all smiles as she introduced it, she was obviously happy to play her video and happy with her hosting stint.
“Next , is a very beautiful song from a very beautiful woman, its titled Tebiba bingi by the gorgeous Iryn Namubiru”, huh!!!!!


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