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If any artiste is enjoying 2013 so far, it’s the Goodlyfe boys. While we are barely into the first quarter of this year, goodlyfe’s Radio and Weasel have all these big songs respectively dominating our airwaves.
From Obudde, Fitting, Ba customer to the 2012 crossovers like can’t let you go and Fantastic, it’s clear that Radio and Weasel are set to regain their position in the Ugandan music industry.
On Friday 22nd, Goodlyfe added  already big 2013  CV, a role of being TV presenters when they sat in for Douglas Lwanga to host his famous Katogo music show, the program airs from Monday to Friday between 4-6pm.
The Observer caught up with the highly syked duo before they hit the lights and camera to do the show.
According to Bushington, the duo’s manager and the producer of the day, the show was a way of connecting to the fans directly.
“This is the first time we are going to talk to the fans. They have those burning questions; they want to hang with us and today, they have us for 2hours, said a jolly Bushington.
During the show, the duo did a countdown of their top ten songs by the other artistes and a couple of other songs. It was intense as the face book posts kept guessing whether they could put Bebe Cool or Chameleon onto their number one spot.
The show turned inspirational when Radio preached perseverance to upcoming artistes like Khalifa, Gravity Omutujju, Rema…… among others.
“Hold on, don’t let anyone discourage you. We too faced at us now”, he said.
As you could imagine, the show couldn’t go down without controversies, the boys used the platform to hit out at their enemies which caused a storm on the Katogo fan page as Goodlyfe and the rival fans exchanged insults.
Off the camera, Radio and Weasel danced to all the songs they played, they even tried to mimic Jose Chameleon Badilisha dance when the song was playing.
The show turned out to be one of the most successful since Katogo’s premier back in 2009 attracting very many calls from fans, producers and fellow artistes trying to talk to the Goodlyfe crew.
“The phone lines have never been this crazy, to accommodate the callers. We made sure no video would be played for more than two minutes”, said an overwhelmed Douglas.
Mean while, straight from playing TV hosts, the boys rushed to club Venom to premier their video magnetic. It’s good on colour and just like fantastic and can’t let you go, this too is spot on as long as editing, lighting and production are concerned. The video features a number of prominent models and famous singer Sheebah. The piece was produced by Kenya’s Razor wire, directed by Andrew Macharia and co-produced by Ph-Ny. Andrew Machari is the director behind Camp Mulla’s fresh all day, Sauti sol’s money lover and Keko’s make you dance. He has also worked with bigger names such as Akon, Young Jeezy and Frankie J among others.    


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