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06:53 by Kaggwa Andrew
Not many entertainment enthusiasts will raise eye brows when I mention people like Asuman Lubowa, Nickolas Kayiwa, Miriam Kubita or Esther Bwanika. These are people from a relatively young and vastly leaping entertainment genre – the film industry.
For an art form that has not been truly accepted by the general public, film may go down as the most resilient entertainment form in Uganda.
After a couple of promising film platforms like Kampala Amakula Film Festival failing, and the Maisha Lab almost changing base to Rwanda, you would think the industry would be ailing, but there strongly soldiering on.
With the Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) preparing the regulations that require Ugandan TVs to broadcast 70% local content, of this 40% to independent production, film is set for further progress.
It may have been because of this foresight that Moses Magezi founded the Pearl International Film Festival (PIFF) four years ago.
The film cares for 80% local films and even without any corporate bankroll, the organisers have provided the film fraternity quality extravaganzas that come with a breath of fresh air from the usual Hollywood storylines.
On Friday, 15th, the fourth edition of PIFF was launched at Hotel Astoria in Kampala. This also acted as the nomination night for films that will be vying for accolades come the last week of June.
This time round however, unlike the past years where the festival used to take place in one place, the organisers are spreading it this time round thus the festival will be taking place in two phases and will largely target Bibandas and the downtown.
Starting next Friday, screenings will start across Kampala, Jinja, Masaka and Mbarara, which will go on till June 14th.
During nominations the tension and fear was high from film makers though, the absence of some faces was loud.
The Clan’s Wife, an upcoming film about HIV/AIDS pandemic in western Uganda during the mid ‘80s, was the surprise favorite as it picked up nominations in the Best Feature Film, Director, Script, Actor and Actress categories.
Close in the awards chase is the compelling Luganda drama, Ensasagge. The film about the emotional journey of a girl as she desperately searches for her long-lost twin sister boasts nine nods, including Best Feature Film, Best Director and Best Screenplay.
Other films with multiple nominations include: Broken Silence (six), Run the World (five), Ensi Eno (three) and Secrets of High School Teenagers (three).
Over 20 films have been nominated for the festival this year and with new categories such as thriller and action, many can’t wait for the festival to start.

Full Nomination List for Piff 2014 Awards

Best Feature Film
  1. Ensasagge
  2. The Clan’s Wife
  3. Run the World
  4. Broken Silence
  5. Ensi Eno
Best Director
  1. Paul Okurut & James Babalanda (Broken Silence)
  2. Ahmed Lubowa & Bava Kaweesi (Ensasagge)
  3. Charles Tyaba (Ensi Eno)
  4. Farooq Mutebi (Run the World)
  5. Hassan Mageye (The Clan’s Wife)
Best Screenplay
  1. Secrets of High School Teenagers (Zainab Aziz Patel)
  2. Ensasagge (Jennifer Nakulima)
  3. Run the World (Joan Ndagire)
  4. The Clan’s Wife (Hassan Mageye)
  5. Broken Silence (Paul Okurut & James Babalanda)
Best Edit
  1. Lenya (Esteleo Kidde)
  2. The Clan’s Wife (Williams Bbosa)
  3. Broken Silence (Paul Okurut)
  4. Village Girl (J.B Edit)
  5. The Phantom Tales (Denis Dhikusooka)
Best Actor
  1. Bbosa Sserunkuuma (Abasama)
  2. Jamada Kafeero (Enkomerero)
  3. Goodman Ofla (Clef)
  4. Yasin Lubowa (The Clan’s Wife)
  5. Jakira Suudi (Bwebatyo)
Best Supporting Actor
  1. Bbosa Sserunkuuma (Enkomerero)
  2. Hassan Mageye (Village Girl)
  3. Tonny Mukisa (Omukwano Kyeki?)
  4. Prince Joe Nakibinge (The Clan’s Wife)
  5. Ahabsalam Khuzeo (The Clan’s Wife)
Best Actress
  1. Mariam Kyazze (Broken Silence)
  2. Jennifer Nakulima (Ensasagge)
  3. Faridah Kuteesa (The Clan’s Wife)
  4. Sofia Kawooya (Enyonta Etavumulwa)
  5. Nampala Claire (Run the World)
Best Supporting Actress
  1. Elizabeth Kobusingye (Ensasagge)
  2. Jennifer Nakulima (Enyonta Etavumulwa)
  3. Rashida Namulondo (The Clan’s Wife)
  4. Joy Agaba (Secrets of High School Teenagers)
  5. Quin Kigozi (Find Me a Wife)
Best Makeup & Costume Designer
  1. Shakira Kibirige (The Clan’s Wife)
  2. Shakira Kibirige (Bwebatyo)
  3. Mariam Ndagire & Nuluat Nalubega (Ensasagge)
  4. Ponsiano Mugisha (The Document)
  5. Damali Orishaba & Joan Nangendo (Trespass)
Best Sound
  1. Run the World (Bobich Media)
  2. Ensasagge (Mohammed Zamunye)
  3. Bisobera (Jb Edit)
  4. Mr. Inspector (Yusuf Kinene)
  5. Sakitegeeza (Charles Tyaba)
Best Original Music Score
  1. Enkomerero (Ivan Kayongo)
  2. Bisobera (JB Edit)
  3. The Clan’s Wife (Eli Arkis)
  4. Akamuli (Jargezi Kibali, Hassan Mukasa, Joan Ndagire & Madina Nassali)
  5. Broken Silence (William Ekudo & Amos Edeu)
Best Director of Photography
  1. Bobich Sserunjoji (Ensasagge)
  2. Daniel Kiggundu (Once Upon a Time in Africa)
  3. Yusuf Kinene (Akamuli)
  4. Rowland Rwamusinguzi (Secrets of High School Teenagers)
  5. Mohammed Kyeyune (Saakitegeera)
Best Set Design
  1. Ensasagge (Mariam Ndagire & Nuluat Nalubega)
  2. Ensi Eno (Dardani Kyeyune)
  3. The Clan’s Wife (Joshua Wasswa)
  4. Breaking the Mesh (Joseph Ntesibe)
  5. The Phantom Tales (Norman Dhikusooka)
Best Short Film
  1. Me Myself and I
  2. Ettaka
  3. Campus Scandal
  4. It’s My Cellphone
  5. Crazy World
Best Student Film
  1. Breaking the Mesh (Kennedy Kihire, Mak University)
  2. Kapeke Town (Daniel Semulema, K’la Film School)
  3. The Phone Snatcher (Rachael Komushana, K’la Film School)
  4. On the Line (Joshua Waiswa, K’la Film School)
  5. In Just Hours (Osama Mukwaya, MNFPAC)
Best Action Film
  1. Clot
  2. Crazy World
  3. Rescue Team
Best Thriller/Horror Film
  1. Chicago Bastards
  2. The Phantom Tales
  3. Leenya
  4. The Mutilation
  5. Trespass
*Best Animation [Received certificate and mention]
  1. Drewft
*Best Documentary [Received certificate and mention]
  1. The Reign of the Nation
  2. A book for Every Child


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