Gondaliya passes first film test

16:40 by Kaggwa Andrew
Film in Uganda has indeed come a long way, there were times the entire country waited for a single movie a year.
Even when it came, it was never all that, think about the days Divisionz, Battle of souls or Kiwani: The Movie were released, we yapped about them for years but today, much as we don’t reach the Nigerian mark of more than 30 premieres a week, the Kampala cinema is definitely on the right path.
This year has seen a couple of promising pictures like, The Reform, Counsellor, Poem and on Tuesday, 1st, more magic was unfolded as Paresh Gondaliya debuted his new career with a fiction film about child sacrifice.
The movie is set in Kampala and introduces us to one Wawuyo that gets dumped by a girl because he’s allegedly barren. In the hit of the moment, he seeks solance in a bar where he picks up a prostitute.
Nine years later, she dumps a kid on his doorsteps claiming its his son, glad with a chance of becoming a father, he dedicates his all for the boy only for him to get sacrificed by some dubious construction engineer.
The film was greatly attended especially by the indian community.
In an earlier interview with this site, Gondaliya noted that his decision to inter cast races was based on the fact that both people share a common story and thus needs to be told together.
The red carpet premiere that attracted better known actors like Africa Magic Viewer’s choice award winner Mathew Nabwiso and his wife Eleanor Nansibo, Felix Bwanika, Jayant Maru and Grace Lyndsay Mbabazi among other guests like Pablo and Fagil Mandy also turned out to be a reunion for many.
The film may not boost of the best script you’ve ever seen but has some of most creative shoots a movie has had this year.
The film has already been lined up to  screen in various countries and festivals across Africa.
At the end of it all, the standing ovation was proof enough that much as Gondaliya waited a whole forty years to do his first project, he had gotten approval from all the fans and critics in a snap.  


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