Rashida Namulondo’s #Layers finally here

02:19 by Kaggwa Andrew
Poetry has indeed come a long way, from being one of the extra activities at festivals, to holding its own at shows like Kwivuga and Lantern of Poets.
Today, we even have celebrated poets, call them lyricists.
This evening, one of the most promising poets Rashida Namulondo will be holding her very first poetry show at the National Theatre/CCIP.
The show code named #Layers is written and produced by Namulondo collaborating with other artists in the performance like seasonal performer Kaz Kasozi, critic and writer Moses Sserubiri and actor Rogers Masaba.
It is a collection of poems that catapults you through emotions of people living with disease and their struggle to contain it. It’s a tale of all the layers we build around ourselves consciously or subconsciously that makes us withdraw from society, lower our esteem because we are sick or stressed out.
The show starts at 7:30pm and entrance is shs 10,000/=.


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