Guitar maestros bring the house down

10:20 by Kaggwa Andrew
Not many people dare to hold concerts on Sunday because of a simple reason, Kampala party goers usually party on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But that wasn’t the case for the Qwella Band and its ninth edition of the Qwella Junction.
Qwella Band lined up the best guitarists in the country to come and show case what there skills; Myko Ouma, Ian Busingye, Charmant Mushaga,Kaz Kasozi were on the go.
Kampala Serena Hotel’s Victoria hall was the venue, with the calm Sunday atmosphere Fenon Events set up a brilliant stage and had a ensured that the display screens kept on giving the fans at the back whats was happening at the front.
The fans kept time, as early as 6pm they were tinkling in, Qwella Band kept it simple, each ticket run for Shs 500,000 not the Shs 300,000 that many had to pay to watch Billy Ocean.
Urban TV and former Big Brother contestant Denzel was the emcee of the evening and I might say if there was a completion for being a master of ceremonies he would really have a chance. He kept it simple and let the artistes do their thing.
They all took us back in time with their old tunes, with Mushaga pulling he stings best.
Not even the fact that Charmant had just stepped off a plane from Abidjan dampened his mood, he was fast, furious and a maestro cubed at the concert.
The show would have been an ordinary one if they had not given a special attention to the guitar, from one side of the stage you had Busingye, Charmant, Kaz Kasozi all equipped with electric guitars and then Ouma with the acoustic.
Each one challenged the other with cheers from the crowd. Maurice Kirya who was the guest artiste of the evening came towards the climax, armed with a guitar he did his new single Busalaba to the delight of the fans who were cheering and singing along. 
It was good that he had to do his session solo, like seriously Maurice is a good boy we didn’t want to see being schooled by that ‘mad’ Charmant.
It’s indeed hard to think of the show highlights without mentioning Salome, girl can sing.
Her vocal range is simply immaculate and if that performance was a marketing gig for her May 1 show, she already has a full hall.
So how did these artistes rate?
MO Roots and Kahiri were amazing backups that most of the times took on roles of being cheer leaders as the four bad boys tore each other to pieces.
It was though interesting especially when they had to lend their vocals to some of the masterpieces, i personally prefer seeing this Maureen blow the innocence out of the sax than her singing - yes, she is an amazing vocalist and am befriending her so that she can sing on my wedding, but when she gets on the sax, you clearly get the difference between Mo Roots and Maureen, she's the IT when she blows the sax. It would have been all different if she did a solo somewhere in between the heavy guitar machinery, but anyway, it was the guitar maestros not guitar maestros and a sax.
 Kaz Kasozi, yeah, I've always known this guy is bad, like seriously, last year i followed his seven show trail where he would rock crowds from Sabrinas Pub to Jinja. He brought the funk to the whole maestro show and he's quite a showman, he breaks locks and those things he does with his hands like he just played an interesting note by mistake. He earned his spot on that stage though for people that have seen this guy perform before would tell you Kaz probably gave us about a mere 70% of what he's really capable of.
Ian Busingye, well for this guy, we must appreciate the English for the saying Never judge a book by it's cover. When you see Ian on a muted TV with his guitar, his posture will scream innocence, but when you actually listen to the sound, dude is crazy!! i was told he used to play in church and my question is simple, was that church full of rock stars or?
Charmant, do i even need to repeat myself?
Myko Ouma could have paid the price of being a good boy, he stuck to the acoustic guitar which by the way was producing a beautiful sound though barely loud as the electronic ones, but he had his moments especially on Aluru and Aye.
Sam Bisaso, did many of you people evemn notice this guy, i acrtually doubt you have an idea of how his guitar sounded. This was the guy that played the bass throughout the night, like you don't just pull off that in a show where four of the best Ugandan guitarists are playing, he was consistent and let his sound be heard.
Then that Qwela performance with Kenneth Mugabi of Sikyagenda, I don’t know but is it only me who thinks that Mugabi is immensely talented?
This boy needs a stage like yesterday, he plays at least three instruments and he’s also a great vocalist. He comes in on the second verse that he delivers in Luganda; not that he stills Joe’s music but the way his voice weaves through the heavy instrumentation with words; “etabaza eyaka ekiro,….” Was simply soothing, then they went on to blend – acoustic and bass electronic guitar almost sounding metallic – rock like stuff.
Did Mugabi leave a mark? Hell yes!!
It was meant to close the show but they went on for more than thirty minutes since even when they show ended, we refused to leave.
*All photos by Daniel Ecwalu


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