Laba art festival is back this weekend

03:01 by Kaggwa Andrew

The very first Laba Arts Festival was held at Bukoto Street, then code named, Pot in a Hole, the event was looking at getting locals appreciate art by taking them through the process and above all pushing it down their throats in the best way possible – on the streets.
The festival then moved away to Mackinon streets before finding itself back to the source last year.
This Saturday, the festival is back still at Bukoto street, with a theme, Back to the Future.
Back to the Future can be interpreted in many ways; on one side it invites the festival and its artists to look back to where LaBa! derived from and at the same time to imagine its future.
The reflection can happen as individuals, organizations but also regarding the general developments of Kampala and the cultural sector.
The other side stands for the future in general and certain ‘futuristic’ approaches brought forward in the arts and academics, including Science Fiction, Afro futurism, future technologies and other topic related artistic practices.
Unlike last year though, the festival will be held on a single day and won’t have a spinoff event like they did in Nsambya.

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