Why Compact MultiChoice subscribers won't have the English Premier League

02:38 by Kaggwa Andrew
Tim Jacobs, CEO of MultiChoice Africa earlier this week attributed the company’s decision to move English Premiership matches to its Premium Bouquet to the rise in amount paid for the league's rights.
While talking to journalists at a press conference in Mauritius, Jacobs says that they had dropped the premiership to Compact Plus hoping that it would garner more subscriber scale at a cheaper price to help cover the cost of the rights, but notes that the objective was never achieved.
Since the company didn't want to increase the prices of Compact Plus, they made a decision to take the beloved football league back to only the premium subscribers.
He also throws more light on the fact that when they lost right to GTV back in 2006, the public applauded though after the later left the market, the rights were re-signed at a 70% higher rate than before.

Read his full statement here: http://www.thisdaylive.com/articles/tim-jacobs-why-multichoice-moved-premiership-to-premium-bouquet/219346/


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