Fun Factory ends year with 5 Star Madness

01:22 by Kaggwa Andrew

Fun Factory on Thursday wound up their performance year with one hell of a 5Star Madness show at Serena Hotel’s Victoria Conference Hall.
It was the second time the group was holding what has become an annual production which according to Hannington Bugingo is a highlight of the year performances and also a preview of what the fans can expect the following year.
Much as comedy continues to deteriorate in terms of material it’s also good to appreciate that this year, they’ve done the best to garner huge numbers, both in bars and auditoriums, for instance, for the first time ever, Ugandan comedy lovers witnessed a VIP one man show with Salvado’s Man from Ombokolo, Fun Factory has managed to go on strong filling the auditorium for almost all the weeks of the year and so have the mushrooming comedy outfits like Comedy Files.

Fun Factory is mostly known for sketch comedy where common life scenarios are given a comedy twist forcing the public to laugh at themselves or with the performers, 5 Star Madness was not any different.
The group compiled some of the best sketch work over the year and a few new ones and presented them, it was fun reliving some of the masterpieces especially for the National Theatre Thursday Comedy Night loyals and still an exciting moment for the majority, the visitors that were seeing the craft for the first time.
According to Bugingo, each member of the group is a writer and thus the material showcased at the Serena was a collective effort that brought all their different synergies together allowing them to shine as a team, which was a good thing.

It was the kind of show where Anne Kansiime was a regular comedian rather than a continental hit, the one where we got time to appreciate the brilliance of Veronica Tindi both as a comedian and actress, generally, the amount of team work they showcased was over the top.
Unfortunately though, they could have probably failed to guide themselves while putting the whole thing together, for instance, they were terrible at minimizing the number of skits they were going to showcase and thus prolonging the show past midnight.
This was supposed to be a very funny show, punchy and precise and thus some of the skits especially the less funny or obvious ones could have been thrown in the basket, it was heartbreaking, seeing people leave before the show ended because it was getting late.
But never the less, 5 Star Madness was worth the hype, there was lots of maturity symptoms visible in the entire production, the presidential debate, Salvado’s cameo as Idd Amin and all the humor surrounding politics and the media were spot on.

The group doesn’t qualify to be called ‘very funny’, the guys are just funny and sometimes not, but what makes them standout is their ability to know what their loyal fans want and they give them exactly that.
Bugingo notes that next year, the group has bigger plans that include providing content for TV in form of sitcoms and comedy dramas.
“These guys never disappoint and that’s the reason I always come for the Thursday shows,” said one Karen Kagisha who was seated in the VIP section.


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