New art gallery opens up in Kampala

01:33 by Kaggwa Andrew

A new gallery has opened in Kampala prominently featuring mostly art collections by new or little known artists.
Located along Kira road in Kamwokya, the Acacia Art Gallery is looking at providing space to artists that may not get a chance to showcase their work in renowned art galleries since they may not have built a following yet.
Ronnie Tindi, an artist and one of the brains behind Acacia Gallery notes that they’ve created a space where a person doesn’t have to be an affiliate of theirs to exhibit and as you could imagine, he notes that they arew also open to genres ranging from abstract, realism and sculpture among others.
Although Kamwokya is known for different galleries such as Umoja or Afriart, there is something very new about Acacia Gallery, for instance, where in other places it’s the art and a space, work here was curated in an inclusive way.
They allow a day to day person to interact with the different paintings hanging on the wall, especially with a fact that the space doubles as a restaurant for Ethiopian food, Tindi says with the traffic that follows into the place for food, they hope they start tickling Ugandan minds about art.
The inaugural showcase featured work by Tindi himself, Brian Kavuma, Paul Kintu and many artists from Angavu art studio.
Tindi notes that he’s always loved art and thus the vision behind the gallery is showcasing people’s ambitions and work in a great space.


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