American idol & Rachel K: Are ugandans hard to impress?

14:05 by Kaggwa Andrew

About two months back, she tweeted she was going to give it a shot. in my twisted mind, two words were raging, DREAM ON because i had totally written this beauty off as long as music is concerned.
in fact many so called pundits had written her off and one even took it to the continental TV show with sentiments that she was a non talented no body.
She indeed won this first round and in my sorry pants i only wish i could meet her and probably give her a simple apology.
yes she auditioned for American Idol and me being a person who has watched the previous seasons, i know this beauty made it for a reason and she's truly yet to surprise more. one thing that separates idols from the other talent shows is that on top of a talent they look at the entire package. having proven that she can at least sing by getting the Hollywood ticket, Rachel K has nothing to prove about her entire star Package.
she's tall, beautiful, eloquent, fashionable and everything i would want my sister to look like.
with a catchy story all the way from Africa, Rachel K might be the next best thing after Steven Kiprotich.
if she makes it for the top 12, a legend is born and we critics might end up asking for her forgiveness. YOGA YOGA RACHEL KIWANUKA.


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