Bebe’s Everywhere I Go not that bad

04:58 by Kaggwa Andrew
Well, it was the most anticipated videos at the beginning of the year; we had watched it’s behind the scenes only days after the artiste had posted pictures of himself on set.
That’s the story of Bebe Cool’s second single off the Go Mama Album, Everywhere I go.
You had that arresting footage of Bebe Cool involved in a white wedding, choreography plus the drama that followed – he was allegedly slapped by Zuena for the kiss in that video.
Well as you may know, Bebe even went as far as wishing fans a merry Christmas, cautioning them to enjoy carefully so as to live to see his new single, which he would release on 1st January.
The video however wasn’t released until Friday 23, was it worth the wait?
Shot by one of Africa’s best video directors, God Father, Bebe’s song hit the hard rocks upon release, one of the fans called it a miscarriage and that it needed a re-shoot while others posted on social media asking the producers to refund the monies.
The song sets off with Bebe clad in Red and black bolting away line ‘everywhere I go’.
The video, at least according to the story board is about a couple that has been seeing each other for years, they met while toddlers and have held each other through thick and thin – kind of a rags to riches love story.
The video choreography was criticized especially for a fact that the girls don’t have booty – you know how it is done Ugandan style?
Though when you think about it, Bebe was singing about a woman he wants to take everywhere he goes not a one night stand one, you can’t sing about commitment with booty shakers on set.
This could highly qualify as Bebe’s mostly creative and artistic video, the producers used red and yellow curtains as collage for the Ugandan flag and the story telling was perfect.
The effect though are ordinary, there’s nothing to gaze about them, then the Christmas light concept!
The song also suffers on a creative front, its instrumentation and melody are so much identical to Anthony B’s My yes and My No, seems A-Pass (the song writer) plagiarized it. Though Everywhere I Go’s biggest problems are Bebe’s predeceasing song Love You Every day which was so over the top that he has to fight to break it and the fact that he made people wait for twenty days, their anticipation was raised twenty times.
But above everything, this song has what it takes to be an African hit, the video is not worth waiting for since 2014 but it is still world class.


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