Navio defines the 'journey' with Kigozi

08:19 by Kaggwa Andrew
There’s was something about Navio’s videos that always failed to cut it. Dude would shoot a video in a South African suburb, with their girls, swag, cars, streets and finally him with a Ugandan flag stuffed in his back pocket.
Whether he thought this would make the video more Ugandan, it’s hard to know, but as you could imagine, the songs made it to almost all those elite channels but not the domestic ones.
Many locals argued they barely connected with Navio’s music or videos.
However, with his latest outing Kigozi, Navio may once again pull off another successful chart buster – do you remember Nawulira?

Yes Navio applies the same formula, seems it works the magic for this dude – Nawulira, One and Only, Leka kwenyumiriza and now Kigozi, all sample classic Ugandan art from the likes of Masagazi Fred, Frida and Charles Ssonko.
The song is a mixture of emotions, at one time, he talks about the journey, brags and assures  other rappers though without being apologetic.

A matching video accompanies the song and unlike those he has done in the past years, this was shot on location at Rubaga Cathedral, remember that’s his hood.
The director takes time to appreciate the artistic work that surrounds the church – getting on the edges of famous sculptures to clearly show the detail in them.

Myth was great as whatever he portrayed – pastor, priest, church crawler, he pulled it off.
The song boosts of great visuals and the fact that it was kept simple should be a lesson to local artistes that a good video isn’t about complicating itself.


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