Bayimba Music Training is here

03:54 by Kaggwa Andrew
 The Bayimba Music training program is once again upon us. Dubbed The practical Musician, the programme is designed to appeal to both the novice and the practicing musicians with a need to develop their musical skills so as to capitalize on methods of learning, creating, documenting and exploiting music.
This is through the different courses designed to achieve this goal. They will include body percussion, rhythmic reading and writing among others.
Then the basics like, introduction to harmony (chords & basic scales), analytic skills development, music marketing; song-writing, arrangement and orchestration as well as improvisation.
The training will take place from 10thto 21st August 2015 (10 days) at Kampala Music School.
Participants will be selected through an audition process that will be carried out by the training facilitators; Kaz Kasozi (Bayimba Music Director) and Anita Asaasira (Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Performing Arts and film, Makerere University).
The auditions will take place at National Theatre, Kampala in the Green Room on the June 29TH 2015 starting at 9am.  Auditions will focus on the practical musical skills as well as capacity to hear and replicate melodies and rhythms on a given instrument. It is important to note that these auditions will be highly competitive. Participants should come prepared with one or two songs/instruments that they can sing /play best. (Only a segment will be used.)

According to an email from the organising team, If a participant is selected, they will be part of the team of (up to) 30 musicians who will be taken through an intensive music training that is guaranteed to equip them with theoretical, practical and analytical skills that are invaluable to musicians.
Selected participants are expected to attend the full periods of the trainings that pertain to their selections and required to pay a course fee of 100,000 prior to course beginning
Bayimba is now accepting submissions for audition. If you are interested you are required to submit a completed Entry form (answering all questions) together with a profile/short biography (max 800 words) with recent picture that will be used for publicity, before 29TH June 2015 to


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