Beatles celebrated with a dance off

05:33 by Kaggwa Andrew
Norwegian College of Dance (NCD) and the Makerere University Department of Performing Arts and Film (PAF) collaborated on a project aimed at interesting Ugandans in dance as an art.
The show aptly titled Come Together, was themed around 20 Beatle songs like Tommorroe Never know, Love Me Do and Can’t buy me love among others.
Much as it was collaboration, some songs were basically done by a specific entity – the Norwegian students did much of the classical side of things and the Makerere students had the Ugandan or generally African touch.
You should have seen the opening that had them dancing to Beatles and Micheal Jackson’s Rock ‘n’ roll heavy Come Together.
Well it’s not the best song one can choose to start off a show with many students especially with its illicit lyricism.

The Nowegian dancers, who according to choreographer David Byer are first year students, dominated much of the performance.
Their dances had a mixture of classical, jazz and bits of punk stuff, their moves were swift and most of the time flawless – sometimes the dancers may have looked a bit tired but tyhey were amazing anyway.
The Ugandan contingent was superb though didn’t get enough time to shine, they preyed a lot on foreign contemporary dances yet you felt like they would have used our traditional ones – not that they didn’t try, the Kinyarwanda marriage with ballet was immaculate and all those runyege corruptions on rock songs were spot on but we needed more.
According to Byer, many of the dancdes especially the ones with the Nowegian students were created over a month back though the others that included Ugandans were all developed in two weeks; some of these were acoustics to songs like the magnificent Hey Jude, I want to hold your hand and let it be.
The NCD and PAF collaborations are annual and the past  engagements have seen different Ugandan dance students get scholarships.


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