Orquesta Chungu to perform in Uganda

01:29 by Kaggwa Andrew

Orquésta Chungu will be touring Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia from the 10th of May to the 15th of June. The group is named after the Chungu, the traditional East African clay cooking pot which is popular because it retains its heat.

Orquésta Chungu has cooked up a menu spiced with tasty grooves from Mozambique to Ethiopia featuring music by some of the great composers in East Africa. With an international line-up consisting of Will Ramsay on saxophone from South Africa, Girum Mezmur and Abiy Woldemariam on guitar and keyboards from Ethiopia and Martin Lillich and Dietrich Woehrlin from Germany on bass and drums, the group will add a unique flavor by inviting local musicians to join them for some sizzling performances. 

Additional the band will host a 5 day workshop in each country with a selection of musicians and music teachers who will be trained to read, write and analyze their own music using an innovative core curriculum which they can then use in their own teaching programs to document, preserve, promote and teach their own music.

These workshops will be crowned with a concert to showcase the work that has come out of the workshops. The performance in Kampala will be joined by the two musicians Sammy Kasule and Frank Mpalire.


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