Dear artists, song writers are no side dish

03:40 by Kaggwa Andrew
This was a post that came from a friend at the height of the Lyto Boss, Iryn Namubiru and Kusasira saga.....
Uganda has always suffered from disrespect for art. Unfortunately artists disrespect art the most but also the vulnerability of the music industry to financial doping by the so-called managers who are just music lovers but have no respect musician has perpetuated the habit.
1. we need an association to be guided by same principles across to protect our rights especially for the young not so popular songwriters. We need to put an end double selling of songs and all sorts of scandals we get into. I tried an association in 2009(i was still a student but at MUK) but I was discouraged by my seniors in the profession with the reasoning that we were very few and would be perceived as arrogant.
2. Our clients the artists are not as rich as they live, therefore you can't expect to become rich off this job until copyright is streamlined.
1. You need to understand that you are in music business and therefore you need a song. Unless you write your music don't expect to get free songwriting services.
2. Don't tie-up songs by paying half the commission and take another year before recording and completing your payment. The sane thing a business minded songwriter will do is sell the song to someone else and wait for you to claim your half.
3. Don't buy songs, record them and keep them. In Uganda mileage/credit/opportunity that comes with having songs on air as a songwriter is more rewarding than 2 to 3 million you pay. If you cease to appreciate the song return it to the writer and agree on terms of reimbursement. 
4. When you buy a song even without a written contract there's a psychological contract which is subject to the national constitution and related acts. In this case it's the intellectual property act which protects rights for everyone who contributed to that song. Know this,  the primary owner of the song is the songwriter and what buy is the right to record it and perform it. These rights can be exclusive or not
4. Please(especially girls) do the noble thing and stay away from managers who treat music like a hobby, managers who invest in you and don't need returns  in business. They don't respect you, your music, your producer,  songwriter and anything related.


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