Tubonga Nawe is not bad after all

02:09 by Kaggwa Andrew

Well, from Mr. DJ featuring Benon’s Swangz Avenue and the Goodlyfe Crew to Ladies Night by DJ Shiru featuring another lot of artists, all stars have always caused some kind of steer whenever they are released.
For instance at the height of their fights in 2009, Moze Radio noted that an artist that wasn’t on Mr. DJ wasn’t fit to be called a star, a comment that was definitely targeting both Bebe Cool and Chameleone.
Today, 2015, the tides have changed, Bebe Cool, Chameleone and the Goodlyfe Crew have since made up, drink from the same bar and coincidentally share political colors, and as you could imagine, after their yellow song aptly titled Tubonga Nawe was released, Bebe declared that no artist was bigger than the yellow pack.
Since it’s released a week, the public and sections of artists have taken to social media to accuse their collegues of selling the art industry and misusing the platform God gave them.
Nothing has been said about the song in question now that some electronic Medias have avoided it.
Tubonga Nawe, is not your ordinary Ugandan song – it has Juliana Kanyomozi, Radio and Weasel, King Saha, Judith Babirye, Pastor Bugembe, Iryn Namubiru and Jose Chameleone among others.
It is indeed the first Ugandan song with the best or second from the different sections of the Ugandan industry – for instance King Saha is one of the most followed rising stars and Babirye and Bugembe command the biggest following among Gospel music fans.
With such big tags, these songs are usually prepared to crush; they barely turn out good because of all the egos that get into the project at conceptualization.
But Tubonga Nawe is different – it’s danceable, enjoyable and catchy.
If we have to put all our biases and sophiscations in the closet, Tubonga Nawe is not a bad song, its acceptable and their video passes above average.
Videographer Sasha Vybz continues to prove that he can be to Ugandans what Clarence Peters is to Nigeria, he had a number of impressive ideas that included slowing scenes, the name appearances, bungee jumping and the choice of Nambole as the prime location was immaculate.
But on the audio side, Tubonga Nawe suffers substantially, it fails to say or inspire – the artists don’t make the listener want to appreciate whoever they are Kubongaring with, they don’t tell us why we have to ditch or support but rather go on assuring us that for them they support.
Making matters worse, Tubonga Nawe gets an identity crisis midway when artists lose their heads as to whether sing for the president or his yellow party.
Bebe Cool doesn’t make an impact on the song as he only throws improvised lines like ‘Yellow Yelobility’, Weasel had the best verse though Chameleone and Juliana proved one thing – legend.
Truth is, Tubonga Nawe is not out there to communicate and neither is it there to impress, the plan was simple, we do a song and mention Sevo and Yellow more times than the man himself can take it and it's a wrap.
Substantially the song is crappy though when we talk appeal; it has the vibe and color, Chameleone’s excitement, Mun*G’s stupidity.. Which many music lovers around the country are drawn to – not a bad song after all.


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