My name is Andrew Mayiga Kaggwa, an Arts and Culture reporter with The Observer.
I've been writing for different newspapers for more than fifteen years, my first story was published by the then Monitor Daily in 2001, at that time, I was a primary seven vacist.
Since computers then were more of luxuries than necessities, my first publication was unceremoniously my last in many years.
Through my school days, I was a front runner in the formation of various writing clubs. Its however at London College of St. Lawrence where I helped co-find and edit a school magazine; The London Eye.
The London eye was a tabloid type of compilation keeping taps on our school celebrities, local celebrities as well as Hollywood gossip.
Only a month into its running, the compilation had become a hit in all the St. Lawrence compasses; Cream Land adopted the idea and compiled their own De la crème Sparkle.
We embodied more ideas into the compilation by adding movies, songs and album reviews, at the time interviews of the famous students from the St. Lawrence fraternity (and famous celebrities we could access) were introduced which saw the London Eye interview Brian Mckenzie of Radio City, Bebe Cool during one of his various visits, Ngoni, Maurice Kirya and Tanzanian rapper Rah P.
its at this time that I fell in love with movies, fashion, art, music, spoken word and criticising.
The magazine however faced problems when the Student Governing body of London College started viewing it as a threat. When we started giving daily updates during the German world cup in 2006, we were accused of owning mobile phones, radios and laptops which at the time were illegal items to have at school.
Even when there was no physical radio or illegal item found after a through check up, me and my colleague were suspended as suspected owners of illegal things.
Upon our arrival from suspension we organized a “We Are Back” compilation where we took a punch out at shabby prefects, those with the worst English, the ones involved in coupling and since we were from home, more Hollywood news, gossip, pictures.
We put the issue up and in exactly one hour, the student's body had it pulled down, The London Eye notice board was given out to The Scripture Union and The London Eye was banned for being a school nuisances and taking a lot of students' time.
At the University after coming across a Features Editor, Carol Beyanga's address I started writing for The Daily Monitor voluntarily, I did articles like; ABCs of hooking a campus girl, Now that Salvado is gone and the controversial “The bible is dividing the church”.
I dropped out of University where I was pursing a business course and embarked on Journalism and Mass Communication at UMCAT school of journalism.
While at UMCAT, I was asked to contribute to a school magazine and I declined because those a head of us couldn't let me edit the whole issue.
After losing Carol's contact, I tried my lack at New Vision but there were few slots for new Arts writers, I started a personal society and arts Blog; TSUP UG.
On October 12th, I gate crashed The Observer offices and talked to a random (Late) Dr. Sarah Namulondo about writing with the paper, as a result she got me her email address and another editor's address, she asked for a sample article and I submitted; Shree leaves, sanity returns and it became my first publication with the paper. Since then I've been writing Arts, Culture, Travel..its a journey just started.