Why Bebe's Everywhere I Go is not yet here

01:11 by tsup ug
With a few days to Christmas, Bebe Cool took to his Facebook page to wish his fans happy holidays, he asked them not to drink and drive because that would prevent them from getting into 2015.
He wasn’t yet done.
He noted that it was because of that reason that he would release the second single off his GO MAMA album, Everywhere I Go.
Of course Facebook was excited, Gagamel Phamily, probably the most active artiste group I’ve ever known started a countdown.
A week, two and almost amonth have passed since Bebe made his pledge and nothing is coming out. This has led to a series of speculations – why could a finished audio and video be taking forever to get to the screens.
Tsup Ug digs into possible reasons why Bebe’s Video is not yet here and why you may even wait longer than you anticipated.
Waiting on international Channels
When Bebe dropped Love you every day, it was a surprise, well, we knew he had done a video with Clarence Peters but didn’t know when it was coming out and then all of a sudden, as we were passing time on Channel O, the song was premiered.
Bebe may be waiting for the same good luck charm to premiere the song on international channels rather than local stations; this however could prove even too hard.
By Christmas time, Bebe had his Everywhere I Go video, it is believed he’s been trying to submit the video to all the international channels himself.
The premiere of Love you every day almost a day after Clarence Peter submitted it had more to do with his influence than the song content. Probably Bebe should let God Fathers push the video, they have influence and produce almost sixty percent of the videos on Channel O, Trace and MTV Base combined, he’s not P-Square or MiCasa that these channels are dying to have his stuff, that will come in time but as for now, he should let directors and producers push his videos because they can.
Create Anxiety
Another school of thought though argues that Bebe  may have announced the release date well aware that he wasn’t going to deliver, thus, with the increase in the waiting, the public is more anxious, almost every day, there’s a person asking themselves why the song is not on the airwaves.
We all know this dude is a showbiz person, he knows how to make people talk or even write about him, the delay could be intended to make people impatient, get them talking, which I believe he’s achieved now that we too are writing this post.
>>>>However, if it is true Bebe’s video is lying somewhere on a Channel O desk, he has to plan so fast. Right now, the cards are all playing in his favor, if he decides to release that video today or tomorrow, be sure it will go viral.
If he’s banking on Trace or MTV and they never deliver, he should man up and look beyond them, Africa has more than fifteen music channels like Sound City, Afro Music, ONE, AMTV, JAM TV and Africa Hit, all these are trying to tap on the market that’s being enjoyed by Channel O, Trace and MTV Base.
If all those TVs are playing your music, these others will be forced to pick it up or better Bebe could take a good use of local channels in different countries.
Like it or not, in Uganda, NTV, Bukedde, NBS and WBS are more watched than MTV Base, Channel O and Trace combined, and so is Citizen, KTN, NTV and KBC in Kenya. With all local East African local channels playing your music, you literally have a regional super hit that Channel O will any day kneel to have on their playlist.
All African countries Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia and Namibia among others have local stations that are popular than anything foreign, if Bebe can get them to play his song, which according to a paper in red was rejected, those elite channels will ask for forgiveness…..but before he loses sleep! Was Sitya Loss premiered on Channel O?


  1. Hhaa hhaa hhaaa, I hv never seen people who day dream like whoever wrote this article. Hhaaa hhaaaa. Are you trying to be Bebe Cool?
    Nsive ug jerks amuse me. You are trying to predict Bebe Cool, to play along with him. Boy, Bebe plays in d super league, you are playing in d local league. You will be caught offguard again boy.

    1. Boy, super league is uganda's local league. Plus, there's nothing wrong with premiering a song on a local channel. P-Square, Phyno, 2Face, Ice Prince and all the biggest Nigerian acts premiere their songs on local stations, the best they ever do for international channels is share a premiere date with a local station. Am a Bebe Cool fan and i don't find anything wrong with this article in fact, i find it insightful in ways that Ugandans or East African artistes can forge a way of bullying Channel O and the rest. Good story Tsup Ug