Shakespeare's epic comedy to grace theater

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Much Ado About Nothing is comedy play by William Shakespeare thought to have been written in 1598 and 1599 as he was approaching the mid of his career.
It’s considered as one of the author’s best comedies because it combines elements of vigorous glee with serious meditations on honor, shame, and court politics.
Tomorrow at the National Theater, Kampala Amateur Dramatics society (KADS) in partnership with UK-based Les Foules theatre Company will bring the classic to life in a show that will run till 5th.
The story has two main themes. First, the relationship of two of Shakespeare’s finest characters – the charming and witty Benedick who has sworn never to get married, and his equal, Beatrice, who complains that no man will ever match up to the required standard to become her husband. Second, the marriage of the young gentleman Claudio to the lovely Hero.
KADS looks back at more than 50 years history of producing a wide range of plays and musicals in Uganda.
They have previously staged musicals, poetry and Broadway shows.
Much Ado About nothing comes back with a great cast of Samuel Lutaaya, Douglas Sebamala, Brian Emurwon, Gladys Oyenbot, Yusuf Kaija, Diana Kahunde and Flora Aduk among others.
The play that features modern dress, music, dance and innovative staging techniques is directed by Peter Wiedmann and Nathalie Adlam of the Les Foules theatre Company.
It will be staged in five performances from starting tomorrow at 7:30pm. Other show times are October 3rd 7.30pm, 4th 2 shows, 3pm and 7.30pm, October 5th 4pm. 
Ticket prices-Adults- Shs20,000, Students Shs 15,000.


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