MEBO Theatre and BIC in a National essay competition

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Dr. Mercy Mirembe Ntangaare

For a long time Ugandan students have been criticized for their lack of personal confidence and esteem. Some went on to note that because of the system, students are only taught how to read and pass exams, with universities churning out graduates that can hardly think, write or express themselves meaningfully.
This is the reason MEBO Theatre chose to organize an essay writing and presentation competition for those yet to join the university.
The contest dubbed BIC Beauty and brains essay competition is aimed at enhancing creativity, self expression, confidence and esteem of a young Ugandan through writing and public performance.
According to Dr. Mercy Mirembe Ntagaare, the MEBO theatre director and brain behind the do, it’s meant empower young people through communicative and expressive arts.
“The essay competition is a value addition on the students participating; it’s giving them a chance to express themselves through speech and writing.” She says.
The theme for the competition is “Bold, Beautiful and Brainy” and it’s open to both boys and girls in secondary schools across the nation.
The competition has been on since 19th February and will go on till 13th March, 2013, then, on the 27th March, a mega creativity concert will be held with all the participating schools at the National Theatre.    
“The winning essays will be presented by the writers at the creativity concert, she says.
The rules of submission are basically focused on originally, work submitted must be hand written and strictly between 1200 – 1500 words.
Participating schools must enter both categories that’s; the essay competition and the creative item.
Essays will be marked by highly rated judges.
The competition is sponsored by the Pen producing East African giants Bic and one of the benefits a participant will enjoy is becoming a Bic ambassador. The winning school will walk away with a trophy and other prizes. The 30 best essays will be published into a book.
Dr. Ntangaare is an associate professor of drama / theatre, a playwright and folkrist at performing Arts and Film (formerly Music Dance Drama at Makerere University).
She’s the brain behind the speech competition and as regards to writing, she has published plays like Dustbin nation, Chief of Shumankuzi, Semitego, Rat trap among others.


  1. There might be a very healthy competition in this national essay event competition. Ugandan students shows them amazing ability in essay writing.

    1. there's talent and its absurd that such things as essay writing and poetry have not been marketed enough here