Bucha Man pleads to return to Fire Base

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Ugandan entertainment is never short of drama, even when its slowing down some dude reduces a song, and to assure that it’s the talk of town, he will aptly call it Coccidiosis. However, this is not a song about Bebe Cool but his one time nemesis Bucha man.
News reaching our desk is that Mark Bugembe also known as Bucha Man, once a vice president in Bobi Wine's Fire Base Crew wants back into the Kamwokya camp.
We can exclusively establish that the dancehall singer courtesy of DJ Michael has been pleading with the self proclaimed Ghetto president to take him back.
By press time, nothing had been concluded since negotiations with Bobi Wine were only hitting a dead end.
“He's not willing to bring him back because the separation two years ago was messy”, says one insider.
Bobi Wine, Bucha Man, Bebe Cool and others like Master Parrot and Tool Man were the pioneers of Fire Base Crew in the early 2000s. Due to issues known to the artistes, they all left the crew leaving it for Bobi Wine and Bucha Man.
Bucha Man gained a lot of prominence from organizations advocating for persons with disabilities, he oftenly sang about his disability and general discrimination from the public.
For a number of years, Bucha Man was Bobi Wine's designated vice president. Under the crew, he released club bangers such as; Banakampala, Lwaki Temumatila and Mwagalaki. 
As the Ghetto president's second in command, Bucha Man fought all his president's musical and at times physical wars against the likes of Bebe Cool and Chameleon.
However, in 2011, Bucha shocked Ugandans by revealing he was leaving Fire Base Crew; he cited exploitation by the leader.
He even recorded a song attacking his former boss, Kyagulasada, on top of his controversial move to appear alongside Bebe Cool at the Battle of Champions last year.
At the highly attended event, Bucha Man praised the man he once called dumb for having a good heart and caring for the needy. To poke Bobi Wine in the eye, Bebe did a live rendition of his Ntuyo zange for the lame singer.
At the moment, we can't tell whether Bobi Wine will have a change of heart, forget all Bucha said and have him back into the crew again. It will be fun seeing a concert being organized to honor their reunion.


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