Sembera places Ntale above her contemporaries

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“Boy come closer you know that I need you our love is forever and it will never melt away….”
The lines open the song that may after this year define Irene Ntale’s always promising music career, pure music, bass guitar magic, visible kongas and heartwarming lyrics, the artiste manages to silence all those that ever doubted her.
But don’t let the opener fool you - yes, she starts the song off in that funny American accented verse where she mentions ‘You’ as ‘Ya’ but the other part of it is completely mellow and yesterday; she reaches out for all the elements that made music from the 1980s classic putting together bits of soul by Elly Wamala, Afrigo Band with todays’ rhetoric of Bebe Cool and friends; more like a story of a girl that’s becoming a woman she grew up looking upto.
The song doesn’t only announce that the old strumming acoustic guitar Ntale is back but also settles all those weird comparisons of her and Fille, Naira Ali and most recently, label mate Winnie Nwagi among others.
For many of the music lovers, it seemed like Ntale went on a haitus after her zouk fusional hit Nkubukinze, then it seemed like her new bosses at Swangz Avenue where not going to change her that much, in fact, when Alliance Francaise and Gothe Zentrum were closing offices at MacKinnon Street in 2014, she was one of the performers.
But then she was thrown into the whole commercial thing that saw her do many forgettable songs like Gyobera, Olindaba, Gwaliko, On’omwana and Stay With Me among others.
With Sembera, Ntale carefully brings soul to Swangz Avenue and wants to prove that soul and artistry can make money; it’s not the type of those instant hit songs but rather one that will stay with us for a time.
Earlier released days before valentines’ day, the song first received the worst of airplays, word is that bosses at the label didn’t want Sembera to destruct what Nwagi was enjoying with her pink wig thus, chose to literally avoid marketing it.
In fact, Ntare even barely performed the song at shows; actually, she would show up at shows perform a song or two and then introduce Nwagi.
But since releasing the visuals of the song almost two weeks back, the song is finally getting the attention it deserves.
Listening to Ntale’s huskiness sit on the pedigree of talent that represented the instrumentation makes her stand out, she positions herself as that artiste that ventured into the unknown especially among her mainstream friends.
Yet the persons responsible for creating the feel could be Eli Arkis, the producer and Moze Radio, the credited writer but her performance still stands out, especially with a fact that late last year, Radio tried to achieve this kind of feel with Juliana but only ended up with just another ‘good Juliana song’.


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