Fund to aid artists' creative process

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If there's one thing that most of the times slows the process of many artists, it's definitely the documented lack of funds.
Most of the times, some don't have an idea of where to get these funds while others fail to get these funds even when they have much of their proposals cut out.
Which probably explains why there has been so much interest in the Kuonyesha Art Fund that was launched at the end of 2019.
Derived from a swahilli word, Kuonyesha that means show, the art fund looks to fund from research, film, visual art, body movement (dance), literature and music among others.
The grant, in a statement released doesn't support art organisations, something that seems to differ from the different funding schemes that have always existed.
During a session organised by CivSource Africa, the organisation behind the initiative, artistes present were quick to agree that with the already existing forms of funding, donors will tend to ask for requirements that can only be fulfilled by foundations or organisations that have been at it for years.
Speaking to artists at the National Theatre, Elizabeth Mbabazi, the project associate noted that Kuonyesha aims to support, promote, celebrate artists in all their multiplicity in Uganda.
"The art fund exists to support, nurture and develop art in Uganda; to support artists to improve the quality of arts in a way that enhances the meaningful influence and participation of art and artists in the issues shaping society."
Art in Uganda has always been considered a risky venture, people argue that you will never know when artistes are going to make money, because of this, banks and different financial institutions rarely have policies to allow them work with artists.
This has left many of them at the mercy of donors whose requirements at times leave a large number of would be progressive artists in the dark.
Starting with three regions in Kampala, Gulu and Karamoja, the fund has since asked artistes to send in proposals. The initiative according to Mbabazi will provide upto Shs4m for emerging or new artistes mostly working on their first projects while established artistes can get upto Shs20m.
The initiative is receiving proposals at least until January 31.


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