NTV's Life Stories host resigns

07:27 by Kaggwa Andrew

The famous quote goes like; “you gain some and lose some”.
This is one of those sayings I've never taken serious, I think its because of my obsession with winning, though on Monday 1st, NTV must have gotten the true meaning of losing some.
They've spent the past couple of months employing some of the best presenters Ugandan TV can ever dream of that, this is the most unlikely news to come from the station.
Justine Nameere the host of a famous human interest feature show, Life Stories resigned from the station.
The 24 year old presenter and producer surprised her fans when she suddenly announced her resignation on social network.
Posting her post Justine points out that she's had challenges balancing work and studies; “Today I resigned from NTV. I have many challenges in recent months, that have ripped of the balance I had secured between work and my education yet education is the core in life...”, read part of her post.
She however threw in a cliff hanger, when she promised to return with a bang as she has a lot in stock for the fans.
“My dear fans and guests, don't get upset, consider this a break, I have a lot in stock for you”, she said.
Until her resignation, Justine has been hosting one of the most inspirational TV shows in Uganda; she's interviewed from breast cancer victims to war surviving Generals. She's been honored by the Young achievers and the Mid-wives association for her efforts in exposing a common man's plight.
Justine has been so involved with the show that she even started a charity called The Voice of the Pearl foundation to follow up on the stories she does on the show.
Her resignation may be a big blow to the station and the viewers who had resorted to contacting her directly whenever they intended to help a victim from her show.


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