2015, films to look out for in the first quarter

03:14 by Kaggwa Andrew
A still from Wako

The year 2014 was promising, very promising.
Paresh Gondaliya and Aaron Alone Zziwa gave us The Superstition, Hussien Omar’s The Counselor to the cotton candy Escape from Uganda, it was a good year.
This even promises to be bigger, at least as you read, three big productions are ready for the halls.
Aaron Alone Zziwa teams up with another brilliant mind Brighton Natuhwera to do Wako, a film about a reformed gangster that goes back to his crime days to save a sister suffering from cervical cancer.
Jayant Maru gets back to the director’s chair to deliver K3NT & KAT3, which is tale of an eight-year old boy who fails miserably in his tests and exams and just cannot get anything right in his class.
Kennedy Kihire too comes back with New Intensions; it revolves around an adopted little girl Wellona and struggles in a new home

In Reality (Douglas Benda),
Galz About Town (Hassan Mageye),
The Road We Travel (Aidan Belizaire)...


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