May be too early to write off the Obsessions

04:51 by Kaggwa Andrew
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We may wonder if any of us is still obsessed with Obsessions! Some think Ronnie Mulindwa should just give the idea up and do other things.
After more than five years without music or a stage production from the group, last month at National Theatre, Mulindwa unveiled the new generation of Obsessions.
They are one of Uganda’s most recognizable entertainment brands and have risen from issues of member departures almost every two years and thus, this was a defining moment for a troupe that has been hit with a number of sex allegations.
This was not your ordinary unveiling, they premiered the new girls’ music and a new play; Goddess of the Nile.
Mulindwa, the playwright and director of the production delves into palace intrigues that follow the death of a king who doesn’t leave a male heir behind (yes, a typical Obsessions play).
With a throne vacant, the two older daughters are doing their best to get at least one of their favorite younger siblings to marry a prince from the neighboring superior kingdom who will in turn take the throne.
The play soundtracks are mostly spot on especially with the way they relate to the plot plus, in relation to the title of the play title, they incorporated music like Kiganda and Arabic drums with flutes and melodies from Northern Africa, a complete Nile rhythm.
Being a group that came from a dancing background, they still rule when it comes to the sector - the play had a number of dance sequences that indeed synched with the storyline. Arabi (Natasha Amara a.k.a Tasha) did a superb job seducing the Prince Babongine (Mulindwa) with a sexy  routine, then a transition that led to the introduction of the queen was beautifully incorporated with contemporary and African moves on a rather gothic soundtrack, fearful as it sounded, it was also inviting that it made the audience want to join in.
The Obsession’s new cast was assembled over eight months back after a country wide talent search.
“We’ve trained them for about six months and it has been hard for many of them considering the fact that many are first time actors,” he said.
The new singing trio is comprised of Lilian Nabuuma a.k.a Liana, Tasha, Josephine Jesica a.k.a Jay Jay, their new singles like Mbuulira, Ontute Omwoyo and Ddalu are easy to digest and all have been released with worthy videos, which may partly explain why many people at the show could easily sing along.
The dancing group on the other hand has employed four boys and that same number of girls. Their first performance wasn’t disappointing though with many dance troops mushrooming and others turning to music, the new Obsessions has to work their skins off to match the legendary shoes they are trying to assume.


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