Big Brother's Kacey Mo for tonight's Lantern Meet

02:29 by Kaggwa Andrew
Ellah and Kacey Mo addressing journalists
During the just concluded season of Big Brother, Kacey Mo used to be Ellah’s biggest fan; defended her, gave her more pieces of meat and yes! Endorsed her instead of M’bea who was also from Ghana.
Well this article has nothing to do about his Big Brother stay.
On Wednesday, the cry baby from Ghana landed at Entebbe from something quite very unusual, he will be headlining the Lantern Meet of Poets – yeah! I also didn’t know he was a poet!
He will be performing alongside other Ugandan poets and has promised to bring the house down with some of his crossover pieces like Sex Music, Electricity in my city and Ghana Ude among others.
His poetry has most of the times led him in trouble to the extent of being threatened with death; “I believe Africa is a community and whoever divided it into countries did more harm than good,” he says in one of his recitals.
Kacey notes that he’s in Uganda because he wants Ugandans to recognize him as one of their own without being judged as Ghanaian or West African; “we are all the same.”
Talking to Tsup Ug, Kacey says he went into Big Brother so that Africa could hear and listen to his voice, thus everytime he had a chance to perform; he never talked about flowers or shoes but issues that matter.
Lantern Meet's Kagai Peter, Ellah and Kacey

Kagai Peter, president of Lantern Meet of Poets, says they were impressed by Kacey's work thus felt the need of having him perform at today's show; "any body that speaks poetry speaks to our hearts, hope he will love the experience."Kacey’s style of poetry is a fusion of urban music and recitals.
The show kicks off at 7pm at the National Theatre this evening.
Ellah and Kacey pose for a picture


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