Sifa Kelele takes baby steps at Bayimba Fest

04:17 by tsup ug
Sifa Kelele’s debut was highly anticipated at this edition of the Bayimba International Festival of the arts, being an all-female band with socially conscious music.
However, this time round, a predominantly girl band exploited their male members especially on the bass guitar and the drums.
There had been a lot of anticipation that they would bring the full diva force on the entire band because it’s their biggest X factor, but they instead only had Bridget Kitimbo on the keys, none of the organic instruments was on set too.
But this didn’t deter the music, from the beginning, it was an onslaught with Band Anthem, Obulamu bwa kisera, Here we go, Beautiful and Boggie Woggie.
“Music is a very important part of my life and that’s the reason we write some of these songs,” said Driciru before setting the Theater packing lot on fire with Niwe Weka.
Originally done on a bow lyre, Niwe weka is a song about a girl’s love for Jesus, the slow ballad is infectious with an acoustic feel from the traditional instrument, it fuses beautifully with the xylophone whose sound weaves through the music to create a wonderful smell of the rhythm – on stage however, it was done on a solo guitar.
Then there was Nalinya, the lead single from their upcoming and debut album – Nankasa and bakisimba drumbeats marrying pop music.
Good performance though needed more energy.


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