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They say Uganda has come along away, from the days of Max, Afro, cassette then  Suzana to the  now Guvnor and silk, only Bebe cool’s Sambagala can narrate.
It was such a wild life, before Hot 100 diluted our English and real music had nothing to so with humping and swag (not the magazine). These were days when all the new music was found on sanyu and capital FM. Others would catch up of course.

Then soon all this changed, in the mid 2000’s when the World Wide Web mesmerized many youths, plus the formation of different piracy sites.
Burning CDs became a lucrative business and considering that movies too were hard to come by BBC guys (Bachelor of burning CDs) enjoyed business on monopoly. An empty CD usually went for 3000/= and more burning a CD would cost about 5000/= for a normal audio CD and 10,000/= for an MP3. serious dime!

Soon this changed when computers became affordable, schools taught kids how to handle these machines and with the help of rich students from Kabojja and St. Law (yeah thats what they call it) soft ware’s came in handy. These guys knew where to find the latest PS and a Johnny Depp animation.

They made Bee MP3, Dilandau, MP3 skull and IM.1 sites household names. Every one could own a Katty Perry or Kanye West record a day from realease.

And now with more computer exposure Ugandans are at it again, with movies. Today, Uganda’s status has been elevated from a third world country to a first lane one. People can catch the latest movie regardless of the country’s financial state.
And call it Kajanja, when Ugandans do something they fully utilize the ability, so it is the same with piracy.

Ugandans have taken piracy to a new level, making this country the only place where digital TV is threatened by DVDs, where movies at the cinema are considered old. In fact we are living on the first lane that we catch new movies a day after the world premier.

They have turned majestic plaza into a movie hub and Papa’s corner or Edie soft a Disney of sorts.

We don’t watch like Americans but TV wise, we are Americans. We can talk  about  the latest episode of  Glee, Fringe or CSIs three months before DSTV premier the season.

To totally render digital TV Irrelevant, we even encroached on their after sales service shows like, reality shows, concerts, award shows and the like.

The high rates of the piracy are the reason NTV introduced local shows like the hostel, the public was simply ahead when it came to prison break and 24. Ugandans are fast that just this year, Kampalans got the entire shows of MTV movie awards, bill board awards and BET awards before their spin off channels like MTV base and BET African version could screen these awards, yes that fast.

Though, much as its common knowledge that piracy is illegal for local music and art, we are not sure if its not for foreign shows like breakout kings or Hannah Montana. This has made almost every Ugandan a pirate because like it or not, once in a while you are attempted to watch the latest movie at a low cost or probably used the internet to download software and some song called Hustle. It is no longer an act but the way of life even local TV stations screen pirated movies especially that one showing X-men first class right now.

You see, piracy all over. And as you read this, let me catch the latest with the Kardashians, mbu clear copy ummm.


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