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In the past few weeks, people have said all sort of things about PAM awards, many (artists) called them unprofessional, media houses did their verdicts that some even did post mortems of the show. A few however came out to applaud Isaac for a job well done.
Though, in a nutshell, much as some of the complaints were relevant, others were simply childish complaints by uninformed artists who by the way can’t even put a finger to the music genre they are doing. Can you imagine even lousy artists without a hit to their name came out to criticize PAM awards this year mbu Danger man Mosh or Bucha man. This was too much that even one Moses Ssekibogo said he does only attend international awards since he already jumped the PAM awards hudle.
True to your word Mr. Mowzey, tell us how many times you have been nominated for those international awards and how many times have you actually won? The same question goes to you Bobi Wine and Chameleon. May be Chameleon has been nominated a number of times but he never wins. And for Mowzey and TV, don’t even think of mentioning Keko’s award its her song her award thus besides the Buzz Tenniez awards which are decided by kids who use the term LOL when they don’t even understand what it means, Bobi Wine and peers need PAM awards badly.
Who else will nominate Matyansi if Isaac doesn’t? May be Peter Miles or Bebe Cool can boast of international awards, I mean we can’t simply bypass Bebe’s two Channel O awards in 2007 or his double Nomination in the 2009 KORA awards was a land mark. Though, back to the complaining musicians, can they tell us that exact thing they think PAM awards used to do that they are not doing today? Can they give that exact ingredient PAM lost thus its loss of credibility? Do they even understand the international awards they boast of?
Grammy awards happen to be the most respected music awards in the industry. With an experience of 53 years the Grammy academy gives out over six life time achievement awards and 106 awards in the same number of categories.
On November 30th, the Grammy academy will announce nominees for next years’ ceremony. Am going to make a number of comparisons between our concluded PAM awards, the nominees and what the academy may announce as a nominee list come November 30th, Ugandans need to learn a thing or two about international awards.
And before I get any further, for our artists who think that getting an MTV nomination is all, do your research well. MTV awards, no offence to them but they lead the pack when it comes to award shows with out credibility. The reason is that their winners are mostly influenced by the public vote just like PAM their lack of credibility was the reason we witnessed an episode between Kanye and Taylor in the 2009 VMA edition.
Back to the Grammy awards, hope many of you have spent the big part of this year listening to some pirated collection of western music and perhaps, in your little mind you’re twisted in belief that you know both the nominees and the winner.
But Grammies don’t roll according to the demands of the public; they have an academy which totally decides the nominees and winners. At least PAM lets you vote for the winners but the Grammies your job as a fan is done when you download and request for the songs, the nominees and eventual winners are none of your business.
I can comfortably tell you that come November 30th, a little known English song bird Adele will dominate the nomination list with her hit album 21. this album will prominently feature in the top three biggest awards of the night like Song of the Year, Record of the Year and the biggest Album of the year. Now if this was a Ugandan setting, the public would pass the academy off as unprofessional considering the fact that Adele is little known compared to the likes of Lil Wayne or Kanye West.
With his big ego, Kanye West (read Bobi Wine) would call the Grammies an upcoming artists’ award show that doesn’t know what they are doing. He will vow never to attend such a show but simply send his 5 year old son.
Basing on the fact that she had some hits but won’t get a nomination, Avril Lavigne who would be Jamal or Kenzo in our case would complain that their songs were not nominated and when he says this the public is quick to join him forgetting that each category only has room for four artists.
Now unlike PAM, Grammies dwell on albums, one can’t be nominated best new before they release a debut album. Even if one has many singles and collabos, without an album, they can’t get a best new artist nomination. Thus, the Grammies would nominate Nicki Minaj or Bruno Mars whose albums Pink Friday and Doo Woops and Hooligans have been hits. Of course if the Grammy awards met the PAM, Nicki Minaj would be Chris Evans and Bruno Mars would be Mun*g or Caesar Man. Radio presenters and journalists would jump on now and accuse PAM awards of nominating old artists in a new artists’ category. They would argue that they saw Caesar Man Mr. DJ back in 2009 the same year Chris Evans’ Rihanna was released. And actually it’s the same year I first saw Nicki Minaj on a BET cipher and some song called Bedrock.
Like I told you, the Grammy awards usually consider 106 categories though for the first time in their history, the categories will be reduced to a mere 76. Reason being that some categories are dormant, less competitive some particular acts have dominated them. The academy will merge them with relative categories like merging male and female categories. In our setting such categories would include live band category which has been dominated by the Eagles Production which is not even a band. Before I forget, let’s settle this, what’s a band?
A band does songs together and releases a joint album. Boys 2 Men, NSYC were boy bands, BLU3 was a band, UB40 and Afrigo or Qwela are live bands. All the above have one thing in common; they release joint albums regardless of who takes the lead. When a band member does songs alone, it’s considered a solo project not a band song. What Eagles production are simply solo projects or say its simply another group of artists like Baboon Forest or internationally Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. That aside there’s nothing live band about Eagle’s music. It’s simply a descent version of Afro beat that needs another category name like Adult Contemporary but not live band.
That said, PAM can use the grammy theory by killing off and merging categories. Some categories have been dormant since 2003, look at live band it could become Best duo/group. Best Reggae, cultural have been dominated by the same names Bebe Cool and Ndere Troupe.
This is for the Olive awards too, awarding Baby Gloria with the best child star award is almost a give away. Think about it, who else had to win this apart from her? How many child stars do we even have in Uganda? So what will happen to the category next year? Give her another one for being Baby Gloria?
Award shows are not meant to catwer for everyone and its also stupid for the public to say that so and so should have won or been nominated since they have been in the industry for so long. Underground music doesn’t build an industry hits do, it’s the reason Kanye West has 14 grammies in 7 years compared to Rakim a famous underground rapper.
In conclusion, Kanye West will be nominated in various rap categories and in some cases he will be nominated against himself, if it was Uganda,journalists would blame Mulindwa for nominating people against their own songs.the aweard show would in turn not be attended by some artists simply because they fear losing. And just like all award shows, they can never get away fromsurprises thus like PAMhad surprise winners, expect surprise nominees and eventual winners come February.


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