Review: Bebe Cool's Nyonyi Nkezze is a plus

06:10 by tsup ug
Nyonyi Nkezze means one who came earlier than the rest, in a simple man’s English, it translates to the early bird.
Bebe Cool’s new song with the above title took over the airwaves at the beginning of the year and in part of the lyrics, he talks about coming before all the other artistes and thus being a better singer than all of them.
Two weeks back, we told you of his tedious efforts to get his two new singles videos; he embarked on shooting two fancy videos for both Nyonyi Nkezze and his other single Nkola byafayo.
The video for Nyonyi Nkezze was released late on Thursday on the artistes’ YouTube channel and its, well, as flashy as they come.
The air plane swag, dollars, girls, cars plus his plausible dance strokes.
The video is set in an air craft garage, where Bebe is featured in two attires, a white suit and a black in the other scene.
The editing comes off as a clean one which is an improvement on the side of Henrix since I first appreciated him on Rema’s Oliwange.
For a luganda song, I think Bebe definitely went out of his way to pull this off.

Basic video and two stars.


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