Qwela's Joe wows with Kahiri - Massive stuff

07:19 by tsup ug
We all know Joseph Kahirimbanyi, the front man for Qwela Band, well, he released a limited edition for his debut album Kihiri.
The album that’s strong on both traditional and western instruments could easily fall into ethno, afro fusion and contemporary genres, that’s of course with minimal classical Jazz influences.
The five track album has songs; Awinyo, Sweeter, Owundikwenda, Sikyagenda and Nkwagala.
Kahiri features some of the best instrumentalists and vocalists like Kenneth Mugabi, Charmant Mishanga, Kiracho, Ian Busingye, BB Omuwanvu and Afrigo Band’s Moses Matovu.
His music and songs are a soulful blend of multicultural disciplines like African rhythms and western music whose lyrics he delivers in English, Japadhola, Luganda and Rukiga among others.
Owundikwenda is amazing with hums that are usually signature with many African productions, yes, I won’t even lie that I know the language he’s singing in besides the English adlibs. Ian was quite amazing especially on that second verse.
My personal favorite though is Sikyagenda, where he features Kenneth Mugabi. I don’t know but is it only me who thinks that Mugabi is immensely talented?
This boy needs a stage like yesterday, he plays at least three instruments and he’s also a great vocalist. He comes in on the second verse that he delivers in Luganda; not that he stills Joe’s music but the way his voice weaves through the heavy instrumentation with words; “etabaza eyaka ekiro,….” Was simply soothing, then they went on to blend – acoustic and bass electronic guitar almost sounding metallic – rock like stuff.
Kahiri’s album is a good start though leaves many Qwela fans afraid if he will be available to perform with the other members especially when Sikyagenda decides to ask him to kugenda for festival performances, we shall just wait and see.


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