Inaugural Short film festival set for next week

04:18 by tsup ug

Most of the times, success of a film industry is measured by how many features or full length films have been produced.
In places like Uganda where only a few are released, they will be quick to judge the industry non-existent.
However, in the backdrop of any feature film like Bala Bala Sese, Boda Boda Theives or Wako that are released, there are more than ten short films that are released online, or in smaller gatherings that the greater population of Ugandans never get to know of.
And this is why the Kampala Short Film Festival that will debut next Tuesday will be a big deal; the do will celebrate the best Ugandan short films that were released in 2015.
According to Moses Serugo the organizer of the festival, it’s meant to celebrate short films since they usually never get a chance at theatres, cinemas and neither do they make any money for the people behind them.
The selected films are diverse as far as subjects and style is concerned, some like Silent Depression tackle issues to do with loneliness created by social media and technology advancement, others like Wanda look at early sex problems while others like Jinxed bring on drama with a girl whose night becomes hell as she meets one misfortune after another.
The festival will take place at the National Theater on 5 April and admission is absolutely free of charge.
Other films showing include award winning In Reality, Trash Cash, Mirror, Drawn Together and A Dog Story among others.


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