Meet Anne Kansiime …………The musician

05:57 by Kaggwa Andrew

Fame, success and change move hand in hand. When one succeeds at what they best, their qualities, speech and status is amplified even when they are still the same person.
You could as well use those two to describe the city and country’s number one female comedian, Anne Kansiime. Fame and success but not changing, even when she has a reason to.
With a very successful mileage as a member of Fun Factory uganda’s top comedy outfit, co-host of a successful TV show, Radio and TV actress, and a pay TV ambassador, Anne is still the same simple girl from Kabale.
And now, the funny lucky girl has added music onto her already versatile list of careers. But as you may know, Anne is special, thus, this is not any kind of music, its children’s music.
“Am into music now, though, I will continue doing comedy and acting,” She says.
She doesn’t hesitate to give me an acapella for some of her kid’s rhymes. They are beautiful musicals about colors, animals, Jesus and all those things that inspire kinds.
“This is a project looking at giving Ugandan kids a chance to be kinds,” she asserts.
“It’s absurd finding a friend’s two year old daughter singing and cramming lyrics to Beyonce’s girls run the world, this is not what she should be singing,” she continues.
Much as her musical move may come as a surprise to many Ugandans, Anne says it always been her best kept secret and ambition.
“I have always wanted to sing professionally but our industry is complicated,” she says referring to the Baibe type of songs dominating our air waves and more so she hated that her voice sounded like that of a 12 year old trying out music.
However, her turning point was when she was chosen to voice an advert for GOTV, a multichoice pay TV franchise.
“From a comedian’s view, the GOTV advert was supposed to sound like a mistake of a song that no one would seriously listen to,” she says and continues.
“Who would listen to a song called my name is Kansiime,” she wonders.
But then, something went tragically right, the song went viral and before the funny girl could settle, her image was already unsettling kids in traffic and public places. Some had resorted to calling themselves Kansiime and it’s the only song they wanted to dance to.
“A friend at a kids event called me to ask for my song so he could play it for the kids,” she reminiscences.
That’s the first time she considered doing music for children
Anne is currently signed to Benon’s Swangz Avenue and hopes to musically work with Baby Gloria, Little Tummie and a playful song with Mun*G.
She however notes, she can collaborate with any artiste as long as they are too willing to sing for the children.
Unlike her comedy persona, Anne doesn’t use her onstage kid’s voice in any of her songs.
“If I used my stage voice, I would be ridiculing the kids, that wouldn’t be respect for them,” she notes.
The album she aptly named, “My name is Kansiime,” is a ten rhyme album all written by Anne.
“We were taught how to write poems and transforming them into songs,” she says.
The first album is completely in English because it’s the language widely taught in schools and, she wants the songs to reach out to all children regardless of class and status.
Her career move has since been supported by both her NTV and Mini Buzz bosses, as a fact, Mini Buzz is planning a weekly kids show.
Four songs; Days of the week, Best friend, I wanna dance and Colors of the rainbow are already complete; their production would perfectly fit into any kids show music theme and easy sing a longs for both parents and teachers.
“I will be making a couple of appearances on different kids TV shows, I will sing with them, rhyme, this is their project”, she says.
The album will be ready by April and Aunt Anne (as she wants to be referred to) is planning a mini concert for her kids. Once released, Anne Kansiime will make history by being the first Ugandan or even East African to do a strictly children’s music album.
According to Anne, she chose to partake this project so as to be relevant to the kids because, just like the adults they too matter.


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