Moroz basks into fame with Bumpwakimpwaki

04:41 by Kaggwa Andrew
If there was something that the Ugandan music industry achieved in 2012, was the, massive discovery of talent. The year saw the rise of Rema, Diana Nalubega, Young Mulo, Gravity, Capt. Dolla, Moroz among others.
Although he is yet to fully hold his turf in the music industry, Ssemambo Vincent a.k.a Moroz, is determined to prove a point or two.
At the end of 2012, Ssemambo got many dancing to his song Bumpwakimpwaki, a collaboration with GNL Zamba. Even when he is not signed by Baboon Forest Entertainment, Ssemambo speaks highly of the crew.
“Am simply affiliated to Baboon Forest though, it has helped me very much, I have learnt a lot from GNL” he says.
Ssemambo didn’t get into the lime light by mistake, he grew up around the buzz, with friends like hiphop legend lyrical G, there was no way this lad could avoid the stage.
“I used to interact with his musician friends when they visited him in fact, he introduced me to GNL,” he says.
Just like his stage name, Moroz, he stands for morality; he says his Bumpwakimpwaki hit is an open book without any hidden meanings.
“The message in the song is plain: it’s about a man who finds a wife and changes his life to a proper family one,” he says.
“When men are single, they usually feed on street foods (bumpwakimpwaki), they only get a chance to eat real food when they get a wife,” he continues.
The song was produced by buddies’ Andy music and written by the artist himself.
This month Ssemambo will be releasing a new song, Nkobogo, it’s a song praising a woman and promising to take her the way she was created.
“My new single is massive and crazier than bumpwakimpwaki, I want it to be more successful than the later,” he says.
He terms his style on a marriage between Afro beat and dance hall.
“Am just affiliated to a rap crew but, that doesn’t make me a rapper,” he says.
When you meet Ssemambo for the first time, you will hardly relate to the guy you see in his hit video. The real Ssemambo, contrally to Moroz is humble and down to earth. Even during this interview, he thanked me over and over for choosing to do an article on him.
Now, in his serious six vacation, it is not a bed of roses for the Nakifuma High School former student, his chances of joining the University are slim as a result of limited funds. But even then, the Baboon forest affiliate still holds big plans for the future.
“I would like to do MDD (Music Dance and drama), I think our industry needs some sort of professionalism,” says Ssemambo who also eyes cosmetology.
“I love helping people look good, am fascinated by women’s hair, I would love to help them make it even more beautiful.” He says.
Before teaming up with GNL’s Baboon Forest, Ssemambo had recorded a song, Bere show, taking about women’s trendy outfits that expose the cleverage. The song failed to pick momentum.
He hopes to record more songs and collaborate with: Goodlyfe, Mun*G, Captain Dolla and his friend and mentor lyrical G. He looks forward to working with producers, Hannz, Derrick pro and Swangz Avenue’s Benon.
Last month, Ssemambo joined forces with fellow vacist Captain Dolla of the Emmesse Fame.
“We decided to help each other out, we didn’t form a crew but we stand out for each other, if I have a gig, I call him up and he too does the same for me,” he reveals.
He describes his performances at the Katogo purple party and Silk campus night as his career moments.
“I have never seen people sing along to my song that even as I went home, I was reminiscing about my time on stage, it was just explosive,” he says.
Ssemambo writes his own music, most of his work is facilitated by one John Mag. According to him, there are many people he could attribute his success to but, above everything, it’s because of God that he’s where he is.


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