Robin Kistie starts own music label

09:29 by Kaggwa Andrew

Model, MC, poet, actress, TV/Radio presenter, social worker and an all round entertainer are some of the things one can write about the Login presenter.
She’s down to earth and humble contrary to what is portrayed in her TV show.
It’s probably because of this that Robin Kistie has been judged harshly by the public.
“People have said all sorts of things about me and my accent, one writer called it borrowed”, she profoundly says.
Well, for those hating, you may have to stop especially those nursing unfulfilled music dreams because, the pencil girl may be your boss lady soon.
The fast rising media personality has created a music label, the New Vibes Records.
In an interview with the Observer, the fast talking presenter informed us that her label is here to change the course of the Ugandan music industry.
“The label is looking at professionalizing music in Uganda beginning with the production, management and artiste discipline. We are looking at producing Ugandan music for the world market”, she asserts and continues,
“New Vibes is looking at producing the best RnB, Hip hop and African contemporary artistes in the country”, she adds.
Unlike many local labels, New Vibes is self contained to market, manage, promote, record both audio and video, concerts and, other artistes’ welfare like public image and presence, vocal, dance and acting training. Like she says this is more of a musical movement for a change.
According to Robin, the initial idea was to start a visual production house but, since she runs a non profit art camp, New Generation Youth Group (NGYG), plans had to change because of the abundant talent within the group.
“NGYG, these are youths I teach acting, dance and TV presenting. It’s my way of giving back to the public using art”, she says.
“I was touched and inspired by the quality of talent in the group, I decided to start a label to nature, manage and promote some of this talent”, she adds.
To prove that she’s serious about the new venture, Robin has already signed artistes; Jolly Fingers, Diaspora based rapper Philosophy, Michael Ross’ younger brother Allan and the Uptown Duo of Remy and former big brother housemate Kyle Duncan. 
New Vibes is not signing any established artistes at the moment.
“My biggest focus is the youth, people who have not gotten a chance to showcase themselves”, she affirms.
Her passion for art is vivid, when she talks about one Julio Sekaliyo, an inspirational contemporary act, the tone in her voice gives away more than the words she uses.
To ensure that work kicks off, a studio for the label has already been set up. KOB record studio is operating with two in-house producers Gonza and Nash, both unfamiliar names in the business.
“We are working with new faces, minds, ideas, producers………….everything is new”, she says.
Nothing like money is required to join this musical movement, in fact the only requirements Robin noted were talent, commitment and discipline.
“Passion is everything; I would love to sign someone who is not in it for the money”, she warns.
Robin is not taking anything for granted, you would think that since she’s part of the media fraternity, she wouldn’t mind about promotion but no, in fact she has already talked to Nigerian artiste, also a former Big brother star gamer Goldie Harvey to help distribute New Vibes music in the West Africa.
“We shall be holding a launch party for the label at the end of February, by that time at least all the label artistes will have something to show the public”, she affirms.


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