Men’s Collin Assimwe auditions for Big Brother

09:19 by Kaggwa Andrew

The auditions for the eighth edition of Big brother took place on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
On Saturday, people started arriving as early as 7:00am even when the actual audition was scheduled to begin at 9:00am.
In no time, Sheraton was jam packed by Big brother hopefuls; leave alone the show being the talk of the place.
The tension was high as people were all over the place waiting for a chance to impress the selection team. Some guy, a potential housemate probably was seemingly rehearsing some funny stuff, he kept laughing to himself every now and then. Others were even discussing their house strategy.
As you could imagine, the competitive looks were also a very common sight, from the girls especially. They kept on picking on potential competition calling them fake and time wasters; I was one of the unfortunate victims to be labeled “some short dude”.
The DSTV officials were in place to help out people with filling their application forms, I personally didn’t expect to see any familiar faces but I was dead wrong, the auditions turned out to be some high school reunion for me, as well as other hopefuls who kept bumping into each other.
Then the celebrities, a number of upcoming artistes especially those whose faces are familiar from some bubble gum video but you can’t actually put a name to the face, then the glamour girls and models that usually grace some of these pages.
Famous faces were quite scattered around and if anything is to go by, our next contestant may actually be a face we’ve seen before.
However, with all the beauty, swag and elegance in the building, there was one guy you could not fail to notice and this was the NTV panelist of MEN, Collin Assimwe. He is the youngest of the three musketeer panel of the show, his ideas are not necessarily pro-women but they love him like he is the insulin for their diabetes.
The hunky star arrived at the audition at about 9:30am and kept his cool throughout, he was unfortunately seated next to some loud dude who pretended to know all about this audition, I think he’s been auditioning for the past six seasons or more.
Collin spent most of his time on his hi-tech gadget probably sending messages or face booking about the entire thing.
Of course, for a guy who can make a girl fall for him in seven days, he actually got a number of them turning to stare in admiration.
That aside, the show attracted a number of weird, annoying and very annoying accents, it’s like the entire thing was about accents, in any way if one unsuspecting fellow walked in, they could easily mistaken this for a radio audition.
Big  Brother Africa is known for a tradition of being tight lipped about the eventual housemate, this year’s edition premiers in may and God willing, one of these hopeful contestants will bring the prize money home for the first to time.


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